Upcoming Essay Publication

My most recent essay publication will soon appear:

Astrid HAAS. “Prairie Promises, Lone Star Limits: Depictions of Texas in German Travelogues from 1830-1860.” In: Die USA im Vor- und Nachmärz: Imagologien in Politik—Literatur—Wissen­schaft. (Jahrbuch Forum Vormärz Forschung 23). Ed. Birgit Bublies-Godau and Anne-Rose Meyer. Bielefeld: Aisthesis, 2018. 235-253.


The essay studies how three German travelogues from the Vormärz era (1830-1848) portrayed Texas. In his Reise durch die mexikanischen Provinzen (1837) Eduard Ludecus critically looks at his own attempted settlement in South Texas. A decade later, Ferdinand Roemer’s Texas (1849) combines a scientific study with assessing opportunities for German immigrants in Texas. Finally, Christiane Haun testifies to a young bride’s journey to join a Geman settlement in her Mit dem Paketsegler 1853 nach Texas [1854].

The essay is thematically linked to my upcoming monograph. Lone Star Vistas: Constructions of Texas in US American, Mexican, and German Travel Narratives, 1821-1861 is to appear in 2019. https://astrid-haas.net/publications/

About the Book:

The volume studies processes of transfer and exchange among the USA, German emigrants, and their home countries. It focuses on the time period from 1815-1870. However, the book also engages with the impact of these processses up to the present day. http://www.vormaerz.de/jahrbuch.html