Upcoming Publication

My most recent publication will soon appear:

Astrid HAAS, “Prairie Promises, Lone Star Limits: Depictions of Texas in German Travelogues of the Vormärz Era.” Publication in: Die USA im Vor- und Nachmärz: Imagologien in Politik—Literatur—Wissen­schaft. Jahrbuch Forum Vormärz Forschung 23. Ed. Birgit Bublies-Godau and Anne-Rose Meyer (Bielefeld: Aisthesis, 2018).


The essay addresses the depictions of Texas in three German travelogues from the Vormärz Era. Eduard Ludecus’s Reise durch die mexikanischen Provinzen (1837) paints critical picture of German settlement in South Texas. The geologist Ferdinand Roemer’s Texas (1849) combines a scientific interest with the purpose of informing about German opportunities in the region. Christiane Haun’s emigration account Mit dem Paketsegler 1853 nach Texas provides a singular female perspective on German settlers in Texas.

About the Book:

Das Jahrbuch 23 des Forum Vormärz Forschung untersucht die vielfältigen Transfer- und Austauschprozesse zwischen den USA, deutschen Auswanderern und den deutschen Staaten. Untersuchungszeitraum ist die Epoche zwischen Restauration und Reichsgründung. Es werden aber auch die Auswirkungen dieser Prozesse bis in die Gegenwart beleuchtet. http://www.vormaerz.de/

Biographical Note

Astrid Haas

is a researcher, educator, and academic activities manager. Currently, she teachesAmerican Studies at Bielefeld University, Germany. She holds a doctorate in English (University of Münster, Germany, 2007) and a postdoctoral degree in North American Studies (Bielefeld University, 2016).

She has taught in Münster, Bielefeld, and at the University of Wuppertal, Germany. From 2007-2010 she co-coordinated the Research Group „E Pluribus Unum“ in Bielefeld. Before that, she had co-organized several academic and cultural events in Münster.

Her academic research and teaching interests include travel writing, autobiography, and drama, ethnicity, gender, and science studies. She has published the monograph Stages of Agency: The Contributions of American Drama to the AIDS Discourse (2011). She has also edited The Harlem Renaissance from an Inter-American Perspective (2014). Her new book will appear soon: Lone Star Vistas: Constructions of Texas in US American, Mexican, and German Travel Narratives, 1821-1861.

Recipient of IAS Thesis Award 2016

In 2016 I received the IAS Thesis Award of the International Association for Inter-American Studies. The association thereby honored my postdoctoral thesis / book manuscript „Lone Star Vistas: Constructions of Texas in U.S. American, Mexican, and German Travel Narratives, 1821-1861.“ The volume comparatively analyses narrative constructions of Texas as a geographic and social space from 1821-1861 in selected works of travel writing by members of the three major non-indigenous populations of Texas at the time.

For more information on the volume and my research in general, see: https://astrid-haas.net/research/ . For more information on the association and the award, see: http://www.interamericanstudies.net/

IAS Thesis Award for Astrid Haas. Text: Alexia Schemien. Fotos: Astrid Haas, Saskia Hertlein

Astrid Haas receives the 2016 Thesis Award of the International Association of Inter-American Studies.