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Recent and Upcoming Conference Presentations

UPCOMING: Haas, Astrid. “From Property to Proprietors: Free Black Entrepreneurialism in Mid-19th-Century Slave Narratives.” 69th Annual Meeting, German Association of American Studies (GAAS), Rostock University, Germany, 01-03/06/2023.

Haas, Astrid. “Undocumented Border Crossing and Migrant Activism: The Artivism of Mexican American Graphic Fiction.” International Conference Representations of Border Crossings in Media, Literature, and the Arts, University of Central Lancashire, UK, 15/12/2022.

Haas, Astrid. “Black Narrative Self-Making in a Changing Scene: The Life and Adventures of James Beckwourth.” International Conference Life Writing, Creativity, and the Social. Bielefeld University, Germany, 24/06/2022.

Haas, Astrid. “Contesting Borders of Genre and Geography in Olaudah Equiano’s Interesting Narrative.” 12th MESEA Conference, University of Central Lancashire – Cyprus, Larnaca, Cyprus, 27/05/2022.

Haas, Astrid. “Waves of Emancipation: Olaudah Equiano’s Atlantic Travels beyond the Middle Passage.” International Conference Black Mobilities in the Atlantic World, University of Central Lancashire (online), 13/01/2022.

Haas, Astrid. “Black Mission and Mobilization Across Borders.” 6th Conference of the International Association of Inter-American Studies. Texas A&M Interna­tional University, USA (online), 13/11/2021.

Haas, Astrid. “Island (Im)Mobilities: Free and Coerced Movements in the Narratives of Ashton Warner and Mary Prince.” 44th Annual Conference, Society for Caribbean Studies. University of Wales, UK (online), 08/07/2021.

Haas, Astrid. “The ‘Other America:’ African American Studies in the GDR.” 67th Annual GAAS Meeting, University of Heidelberg, Germany (online), 19/06/2021.

Haas, Astrid. “To Canada and Beyond: Samuel Ringgold Ward’s Transborder Mobility and Activism.” 66th Annual Convention, British Association for American Studies (online), 08/04/2021.

Recent Public Talks and Lectures

Book Launch Roundtable Discussion, featuring Astrid Haas as contributor to Embodying Contagion: The Viropolitics of Horror and Desire in Contemporary Discourse. Winchester School of Art, UK (online), 14/07/2021.

Book Launch, featuring Astrid Haas on Lone Star Vistas: Travel Writing on Texas, 1821-1861. University of Central Lancashire (F2F and online), 16/03/2022.

Haas, Astrid: “Versatile Elements: Water and Mobilities in Caribbean Slave Narratives.” Black History Month Lecture, University of Central Lancashire (online), 13/10/2021.

Haas, Astrid. “Black Mobilities in the 19th-Century Indigenous Borderlands.” University of Bremen, Germany (online), 20/05/2021.

Haas, Astrid. “Canaan Limited: Canada in Slave and Neo-Slave Narratives.” Black History Month Lecture, University of Central Lancashire (online), 21/10/2020.


announcement of public lecture "Versatile Elements"


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Convener: Conference Black Mobilities in the Atlantic World

Institute for Black Atlantic Research, University of Central Lancashire (online).
See here for theCONFERENCE PAGE

The video recordings of the conference’s keynote lecture and creative practitioners’ roundtable discussion can be accessed here: VIDEO RECORDINGS

Co-Convener: Conferences and Lecture Series 

International Postgraduate Forum, Bielefeld University.
Exploring the Periphery: Perspectives from Applied Linguistics, Language Teaching, Literary and Cultural Studies 
Bielefeld University, 8-9/11/2013.

Research Group “E Pluribus Unum: Ethnic Identities in Transnational Integration Processes in the Americas.”
Center for Interdisciplinary Research, Bielefeld University, Germany.
nine conferences and workshops, 2008-2009.

Academic Association “Genus—Münsteraner Arbeitskreis für Gender Studies.”
University of Münster, Germany.
conference and seven lecture series, 2000-2005.

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